Our Technologies

NHF has unique access to cutting-edge technologies—and accelerated time to market

New Horizons Foundation has obtained access to cutting-edge technologies that are being developed at our nation’s federal research labs. NHF has signed an exclusive Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Department of Defense to source and establish technology transfer agreements with private-sector companies.

NHF’s partnership-intermediary status with the DoD gives us unprecedented access to federal research facilities and more than 8,000 researchers. The Department of Defense receives more than $40 billion of research funding annually.

The DoD’s Army Research Laboratories (ARL) recently signed an “open license” agreement with NHF, which enables us to accelerate the process of licensing an ARL technology and move it into the commercial marketplace.

3 new technologies for commercialization

Vorticity sound suppression muffler
Based on a weapon suppressor developed at ARL, this muffler can be used on all types of vehicles and equipment to suppress sound, especially for large generators and compressors and two-cycle engines and motors on lawnmowers, power tools, weed eaters, power saws and so forth.

Cold spray technology
This unique process is very similar to welding but does not generate heat. As a result, the metal surface is not warped or structurally damaged. Cold spray technology will have a vast array of uses in the private sector, including repairing and refurbishing equipment in the oil and gas industry.

Shaped charges
NHF is finalizing a test services agreement within the CRADA with the U.S. Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) for the development of precise explosive charges for use in oil and gas exploration and production.


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