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Why Work With NHF?
We are customer-focused and market-driven, not tied to just one research institution. We can access a national network of federal research labs to help businesses identify and leverage proven, cutting-edge technologies to deal with pressing problems, and we can help entrepreneurs identify a wide range of unique opportunities for investment in new technology-driven business innovations.

What’s Unique About NHF?
We have put in place an innovative approach for moving research discoveries and new technologies into the marketplace. Unlike the more traditional process that research universities typically use to push their discoveries into the commercial marketplace—an arduous process that is burdened with risk and all too infrequently results in a business “home run”—we have agreements in place that allow us to access research discoveries and expertise that have been funded by Congress, are available at federal research labs, and are ready for private sector investment to solve a specific problem or create a new business venture … the ultimate in what is commonly called “applied research.”

In contrast to NHF’s approach, the typically arduous university tech transfer process requires entities to “push” their discoveries into the marketplace. NHF’s innovative and efficient process allows us to “pull” available research and cutting-edge technologies out of federal labs and into the marketplace.

How Does the NHF Approach Work?
NHF serves as a technology intermediary, connecting innovators with a wide range of research resources and technologies to which we have access through exclusive Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA) with the U.S. Department of Defense and its many research labs around the country. We also provide entrepreneurs with access to technology adaptation, engineering, prototyping, testing capabilities, design expertise, prototyping, manufacturing and field testing capabilities through the federal labs.

How Does NHF Benefit You?
You will have the support and expertise of NHF’s team of leading experts in technology development and commercialization, as well as our exclusive agreements with such arms of the federal government as the Department of Defense to effectively navigate and use the resources of a wide range of federal research labs. Moreover, you benefit because we can help you find the right lab to address your needs, and most of all, you benefit because the outcomes are pre-determined and focused on your particular needs. You know what you are getting … and for how much.

How Do You Work With NHF?
There are six basic steps in our process:

  1. The business and NHF identify the problem and/or the opportunity.
  2. NHF identifies and works with the most appropriate federal research lab to plan the project, prepare the budget and agree on the timeline.
  3. The business and NHF identify funding sources, ranging from industry, federal, state and local resources.
  4. NHF approves and authorizes the project to proceed.
  5. The federal lab completes the project and serves up the solution and/or opportunity.
  6. The business takes the solution/opportunity to market.

How Do You Get Started?
Contact Dale Gannaway
New Horizons Foundation Executive Director


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And welcome to the many benefits of working with New Horizons Foundation!

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