Environmental Technology


New Horizons Foundation was created by the Lea County Commission and New Mexico Junior College to expand the business base of Lea County beyond its current concentration on oil and gas exploration, recovery and transportation. The plan involves utilizing technology based business opportunities created by Federally funded research and development to diversify and strengthen Lea County businesses, provide high paying technology based jobs for Lea County citizens, and provide a positive environment to encourage Lea county youth to return to the county after educational and military activity elsewhere. If you are interested in working with the Foundation in any of the areas described below or in a topic of your own, please call Dale Gannaway to discuss opportunities and options.

Technology Issue: “Water quality improvement”

As with the wide spread impact of corrosion across the oil and gas industry, water quality improvement technologies are needed in many parts of the oil and gas drilling, extraction and transportation arena. The Foundation is in the beginning stages of an effort to collect descriptions of available Federal water quality improvement technology with the intent of matching them to the contents of Lea County water (produced and naturally occurring) and the water quality needs of oil and gas, mineral extraction, manufacturing, and agricultural activities. Once suitable candidates have been identified, it is the intent of the Foundation to enter agreements with the inventing labs to test existing inventions against naturally occurring and produced Lea County water. When effective approaches are identified, the Foundation intends to fine tune the inventions to best achieve economic results and move forward to commercialization.

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