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New Horizons Foundation was created by the Lea County Commission and New Mexico Junior College to expand the business base of Lea County beyond its current concentration on oil and gas exploration, recovery and transportation. The plan involves utilizing technology based business opportunities created by Federally funded research and development to diversify and strengthen Lea County businesses, provide high paying technology based jobs for Lea County citizens, and provide a positive environment to encourage Lea county youth to return to the county after educational and military activity elsewhere. If you are interested in working with the Foundation in any of the areas described below or in a topic of your own, please call Dale Gannaway to discuss opportunities and options.

Technology Issue: “Use of Federal laboratory and manufacturing equipment”

The Foundation, through its CRADA with Army labs and centers, can access billions of dollars of Federal analysis and production capabilities. One such center is the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This large Army owned contractor operated forging facility is available for sample and production forging of metal items up to about 40 inches in height and about 12 inches in width. Extensive heat-treat, machining, and finishing capabilities are available. Companies interested in utilizing these facilities should contact the Foundation to begin technical exchanges potentially leading to contracts with this new source of supply.

There are many more and the breath of equipment and expertise available is too broad to describe here. Do not hesitate to contact Dale Gannaway for assistance in identifying assistance you might need.

Parts Repair

At least one Department of Defense laboratory has the ability to repair large and small parts by deposing powered metal onto a damaged or broken part and machining the part back to original tolerances. This approach can be used on gouged shafts, broken gear teeth, and a host of other broken and/or damaged parts. Working through the Foundation, a company can send a damaged part to the lab, receive an estimate of the cost and time required to repair the damage and determine whether to proceed or to return or discard the part involved. The agreement to move forward with these kinds of efforts is in place. The Foundation is considering a teaming approach to bring some of this capability to Lea County for use here in agricultural as well as oil and gas industries. If this capability meets a need, please call Dale Gannaway.

Reverse Engineering

Obsolete parts are a common and very difficult challenge facing many sectors of the US economy. A number of Department of Defense laboratories have developed reverse engineering capability to meet Department of Defense needs for supplies of otherwise obsolete parts, materials and the like. The services provided run from the manufacture of a prototype to complete analysis of the non-patented part with a manufacturing ready technology data package synced with the requestor’s machinery and facility capability being provided.

There is more to follow. Please watch this page.

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