NHF Technology Expedition to Engineering Labs

photo 3(Lea County, NM) – NHF hosted a trip to the US Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development Center (ERDEC) Laboratories located in Vicksburg, Mississippi on September 8 – 11, 2014. The NHF delegation included Ms. Cathrynn Brown (NM District 55 Representative) from Eddy County, Tim Wittig (NHF Technology Advisor), and Dale Gannaway (NHF Executive Director).

The purpose of the trip was to identify engineering & construction technologies, techniques, and processes within the Corp of Engineers labs that could be utilized in Southeastern New Mexico and the rest of the state to resolve some of the transportation infrastructure challenges resulting from the recent expansion of the oil and gas industry.

The NHF Delegation met with senior management engineers and researchers at the Vicksburg facilities and was involved in a joint video conference with the senior engineering staff at the ERDEC Labs located in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois along with the Vicksburg, Mississippi staff. Areas of focus for the meetings and tours included a variety of topics including corrosion, road and pavement technologies & repair, bridge construction & repair, hazardous waste and water treatment and reuse, soil remediation, and concretphoto 1e related technologies. NHF met with the ERDEC’s Technology Transfer Staff during the two days, as well, to determine how to put the necessary agreements (CRADA, Annexes, & Technical Service Agreements) in place that will allow NHF to work in a streamlined fashion with various ERDEC labs for the benefit of Southeastern New Mexico and the State of New Mexico. The ERDEC labs are a very complimentary asset to the U.S. Army Research Engineering Development Command (AREDC) capabilities that NHF already has access to through the existing NHF/RDECOM Master CRADA.

Dale Gannaway, Executive Director – New Horizons Foundation: (575) 492-4712.

Based in the Permian Basin – in the heart of EnergyPlex – New Horizons Foundation is working with Industry Partners, Federal Laboratories and Companies around the world, “Driving Innovation Throughout the Permian Basin”. New Horizons Foundation was created and jointly funded by the Lea County Commission and New Mexico Junior College in October 2011. The Foundation’s goal is to create an environment that enables the private sector to generate sustainable economic growth and wealth creation for Lea County.

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