Energy Conference

The West Texas Energy Consortium (WTxEC) – of which New Horizons Foundation (NHF) is a member – is working to drive attention and interest to the growing assets found throughout the region. This month’s conference in San Angelo on May 6-7 will explore opportunities through partnership and technology; the programming will also discuss workforce-related issues and opportunities.

WTxEC’s described purpose: “The West Texas Energy Consortium is a collaborative effort to foster and sustain economic growth, meet the needs of the energy industry, support community development, and preserve a high quality of life for all citizens.”

THIS MONTH’S CONFERENCE will cover topics from STEM initiatives preparing a ‘ready’ workforce, to the future of water, to needed infrastructure; included will be a discussion led by Lea County’s own, Melinda Allen, titled: “Becoming Developer Friendly.”

The West Texas Energy Consortium was started as a joint planning effort to address projected community and economic impacts of the Cline Shale. Leadership recognized that coordination and problem-solving are crucial to the region’s success, and that maximizing resources should be paramount. WTxEC is working to establish a unified, positive identity for the region. WTxEC reached out to NHF early on, seeking NHF participation and support. NHF is proud to be associated with such a dynamic organization.

That NHF serves as an intermediary throughout the region for industry and the federal labs – facilitating the technology development and licensing process – it is critical to work with strong organizations like WTxEC, for awareness-building and support.

Individuals or companies interested in learning more about WTxEC, NHF technologies, or other industry information and support available to them should contact: Dale Gannaway, Executive Director – New Horizons Foundation;

West Texas Energy Consortium – CONTACT HERE

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