New State Office focused on Technology

The State of New Mexico has ‘stepped up’ its work with the science and technology industries and related education. A newly created Office of Science and Technology has been formed under Governor Susana Martinez; it is led by Patricia Knighten. The Office is housed in the state’s economic development department.

The State of New Mexico’s Office of Science and Technology under manager Patricia Knighten is responsible for leading the department’s science, technology and energy initiatives to encourage start-up, relocation, development and growth of technology and energy-based industries in New Mexico. According to leadership, this is accomplished by determining and marketing the state’s technological strength, determining the state’s commercial advantage, and collaborating to secure a vibrant technology based industry network.

NHF executive director, Dale Gannaway recently met with Ms. Knighten. Gannaway is certainly encouraged by this state-directed effort. “It is very competitive in the science and technology development and industry areas state-to-state; that New Mexico is putting additional emphasis on this in a state that has such strength in these areas – particularly energy – is tremendous,” says Gannaway.

Since the 1930s the Rio Grande Valley has been the site of important scientific research. The National Laboratories have drawn scientists and research organizations from all over the world to New Mexico. Some of organizations key to the state’s scientific history and recognition, include: Sandia National Labs, Los Alamos National Labs, National Center for Genome Resources, the New Mexico Research Engineering Institute, and Phillips Laboratory, among many others.

NHF believes an office dedicated to furthering science and technology across the state – with an emphasis on economic development – will certainly help its own efforts. NHF is leading the way in bringing Department of Defense (DoD) technologies to the region for energy-related solutions.

NHF Technology Opportunities

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