NHF Intern takes Local Job

He’s not in Kansas anymore….! One summer he’s an eager-to-learn intern in Hobbs, NM; today he’s got his Mechanical Engineering degree, and starts his job at Lea County Electric Coop on June 1 !

Hailing from Derby, Kansas, with a degree from Wichita State University, TYLER HOCKENBERRY is now eager-to-work! NHF ‘sponsored’ Tyler’s summer jobs with both Lea County Electric and local engineering firm, Pettigrew & Associates.


Through its mission to help grow the regional economy, NHF has become involved with a number of companies and organizations. Companies’ need for INTERNS has been a regular topic, so NHF is working to help local companies find industry interns.

Most job applicants put their best foot forward on paper. Their cover letter and résumé usually have passed through many hands to make them as appealing and professional as possible, and any references given will of course say positive things.

And let’s be clear: employers do not create internships just to be nice to students (or other career seekers). Beyond review of a resume, an interview can add to what an employer knows about a person, BUT an internship helps an employer evaluate how an individual would fare in the actual workplace.

Internships have become a key in today’s marketplace. The state of the economy has companies creating internship opportunities, and the work given these interns is growing in significance – interns can provide a company much needed help. For graduates, an internship is an experience that includes a ‘real world’ job, and the ‘intern’ is much better positioned for an opportunity at full-time employment.

“Not only did I find people and companies with which I enjoyed working, I found a place I really like,” exclaimed Hockenberry, speaking about Hobbs, NM.

“We are very pleased that Tyler has returned to Lea County to start his career; and we’re glad to have been able to assist a local firm meet a ‘growth’ need,” stated Dale Gannaway, Executive Director, New Horizons Foundation; Gannaway continued, “Tyler is a smart and talented young man – the region will benefit from his working and living here.”

LEA COUNTY ELECTRIC COOP – located in Lovington, NM, the COOP energizes 15,104 meters in areas of Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas in portions of six (6) counties. LEARN MORE

Individuals or companies interested in learning more about NHF and internship programs should contact: Dale Gannaway, Executive Director – New Horizons Foundation; dgannaway@nmjc.edu.

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