NHF Signs Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) with Federal Labs

NHF continues to grow its capabilities on behalf of companies throughout New Mexico and the Permian Basin region. NHF identifies and connects federal technologies to aid regional companies meet industry demands, and grow. Signing the PIA enhances NHF efforts.

A key component of New Horizons Foundation’s (NHF) efforts throughout New Mexico and the Permian Basin region is identifying key technologies at the federal labs that may be of use to the oil and gas industry cluster – then marketing those technologies and inventions to companies throughout the region. NHF facilitates licensing agreements, and can support funding for regional companies utilizing federal technologies and inventions.

The Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) executed earlier this month between NHF and the Department of Defense (DoD) will further enhance these efforts. As is expressed by the DoD, entities with Partnership Intermediary (PI) status, “increase the likelihood of success in the conduct of cooperative or joint activity between (federal) laboratories and small businesses.”

There are a very limited number of Partnership Intermediaries (PIs) in the country – this is a strong endorsement of NHF’s work, partners and management.

DoD believes: “Partnership Intermediaries are an innovation in technology transfer that benefits both the federal government and U.S. industry;” DoD indicates that partnerships are “the key to (federal lab) technology transfer.”

NHF is committed to helping DoD identify, develop and market innovative technologies in New Mexico and the Permian Basin region to the oil and gas industry cluster. NHF is evaluating DoD technologies; partnering with DoD labs for joint technology research & development on behalf of industry; accessing unique, world-class DoD research facilities; and through its PI designation, NHF is competing more effectively for DoD SBIR/STTR funding for technology development.

As NHF Executive Director, Dale Gannaway states, “NHF is committed to helping in the transition of critically needed new technologies to the oil and gas industry throughout this region.”

Individuals or companies interested in learning more about federal technologies available to them should contact: Dale Gannaway, Executive Director – New Horizons Foundation; dgannaway@nmjc.edu.

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