New Industry Technology Finds Home in Lea County

NHF-led meetings and negotiations have resulted in the joint development of a new technology. A Lea County Manufacturer and the Army Research Laboratories (ARL) are about to take a new, Sound Suppression technology to market!


The necessary agreements between Army Research Laboratories (ARL) and New Horizons Foundation (NHF) are now in place and the ARL team and the Lea County Manufacturing Team can now begin work on this new technology. The technology prototypes – which will be developed for commercial application – will be developed in Lea County by the Lea County manufacturing team with assistance from the ARL team. The ARL team will travel to Lea County from Maryland at least four times over the next year.

As has been noted previously, NHF is working with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) located in Adelphi, Maryland to assess a variety of ARL technologies for potential commercial use – with a focus on helping Lea County companies, and potentially launching NEW companies. This SOUND SUPPRESSION TECHNOLOGY (‘muffler’) was recognized by a LOCAL MANUFACTURER as a technology with potential for utilization in the oil and gas industry.

Mike Scanlon, the Chief of the ARL Acoustics & Electromagnetic Sensing Branch in Maryland is a prolific inventor and researcher. Originally created for use as a gun silencer, Mike and his team are beginning work with a Lea County Manufacturer to co-develop this muffler for deployment in the oil and gas fields. The technology utilizes a unique vorticity process that the Lea County Manufacturer recognized for potential in the oil fields.

The Lea County Manufacturing Team will have primary fabrication responsibility for all prototypes and some of the related components developed with ARL under the CRADA established by New Horizons Foundation (NHF). The Lea County Team will oversee and fund a metal fabrication facility to first test, then produce the commercial-grade mufflers and related fixtures. The Lea County Manufacturer will also provide operators, mechanics, and safety personnel to enable the installation and testing of the created test and market-ready mufflers.

“This is just one of the developing NHF success stories,” explained Dale Gannaway, executive director, New Horizons Foundation; “NHF has a great team in place to help companies throughout the region with technology identification, development and launch…we’re excited to have the opportunity to help our local economy in this way.”

Individuals or companies interested in learning more about NHF and accessing TECHNOLOGIES to support their company, and key projects should contact: Dale Gannaway, Executive Director – New Horizons Foundation;

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