Federal Lab Researcher Bringing Potential Mining Technology to NM

Dr. Michael V. Scanlon is a chief engineer at the US Army Research Laboratory, with a specialization in acoustics and EM sensing. So ‘why’ is Mr. Scanlon coming to Lea County…? Think: MINING.

With on-going federal, state and local agencies working to reduce mining noise – lowering noise exposure, reducing worker hearing loss and achieving compliance with national noise standards – an ACOUSTIC TECHNOLOGY could potentially greatly benefit the New Mexico mining industry.


The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has promulgated Health Standards for Occupational Noise Exposure for the metal, nonmetal, and coal mining industry in an effort to reduce the number of miners who will experience a material impairment of hearing.

The developed Noise Control Resource Guides deal with noise controls that are available on types of mining equipment typically used in different mining environments: surface and underground mining, as well as mills and preparation plants.

In addition, ‘noise pollution’ is a topic that the mining industry manages regularly.

Community noise complaints can lead to costly regulatory investigations and requirements for operational limitations and constraints.

ENTER: Dr. Michael V. Scanlon. As a chief engineer at the US Army Research Laboratory with a specialization in acoustics, Dr. Scanlon has applied his knowledge and technology solutions to a variety of apparatus. The Army Lab’s tagline is, “WARFIGHTER FOCUSED”. As one might deduce, “STEALTH” is an important concept and function of the Army.

An acoustics technology of a caliber meeting army demands might be of interest to the mining industry, as well as related industries, including oil and gas.

New Horizons Foundation (NHF) is pleased to welcome Dr. Scanlon in April, and will be working with him and the federal lab on potential applications for his technology for the oil & gas, mining and other industries in New Mexico, and beyond.

Businesses interested in learning more about this technology should contact: Dale Gannaway, Executive Director – New Horizons Foundation; dgannaway@nmjc.edu.

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