Entrepreneur-in-Residence at NHF

What IS an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, you ask….? Well – it is a person who can be a critical link for companies as they look to innovate, and continue being competitive. An Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR, we’ll call it) is a tremendous resource to communities and companies – someone who’s “been there, done that.” Meet YOUR own EIR….GARY PANKONEIN.

GARY SEZ: “I’m excited to be a part of this!”

Background: An Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) is most often found in a Venture Capital firm. The EIR is typically brought on board to work with some of the Venture Capital firm’s investment team to help with individual business-building processes and provide general “been there, done that” assistance, experience, recommendations for existing portfolio companies.

New Horizons Foundation (NHF) is very pleased to bring to Lea County its own – YOUR – EIR, Gary Pankonein (Pankonein). The NHF Board approved this position last month, and are very pleased that Pankonein accepted the Board’s offer.

Pankonein has over 35 years of experience managing both public and private companies in high-growth, leading technology industries. Pankonien has management experience in several industries, including multi-discipline engineering, product development and successful commercialization of technologies in electronics, software, biomedical fields, material sciences, and manufacturing. As an example, he managed “high growth” at COMPAQ Computer from 1985-1991 – he jointly developed and holds the patent for the first portable notebook computer which drove the development of the ½” hard drive and floppy, quick response LCDs, high-density NiCd batteries and innovative design processes in ASICs, plastic enclosures, miniature assembly and electronics manufacturing.

And that’s just ONE major success in Pankonein’s career – he is bringing that experience to Lea County and the Permian Basin region. Companies and individuals looking to grow their enterprise can benefit from Pankonein’s experience and knowledge AT VIRTUALLY NO COST!

“I’m excited to be a part of this,” exclaimed Pankonein. He shared that the model established by NHF for working with the national labs to deploy their technologies in the ‘real world’ is tremendous; “Companies in this region can really benefit from this linkage and the access to such technology; I’m looking forward to working with the people throughout the region to build some more strong companies,” he said.

NHF executive director, Dale Gannaway further explained, “NHF was organized to serve and provide entrepreneurs and businesses access to technology, technology adaptation & testing capability, design expertise, prototyping, manufacturing & field testing capability – Gary (Pankonein) brings a wealth of ‘how to do it’ knowledge to the table, and we are very excited to have him on board.”

Individuals or companies interested in meeting Gary Pankonein and learning more about NHF and accessing FEDERAL TECHNOLOGIES to their company needs and projects should contact: Dale Gannaway, Executive Director – New Horizons Foundation; dgannaway@nmjc.edu.

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