Attn: Businesses! – Oil & Gas 101

One of NHF’s key partners is just ‘next door’: The New Mexico Junior College’s (NMJC) Training & Outreach Center. Both entities are proud to ANNOUNCE: “INTRODUCTION TO THE OIL & GAS INDUSTRY, a short course on this great – and regionally important – industry. The course is designed for NON-INDUSTRY business people: service providers, administrators…all interested parties!

NMJC’s “Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry” short course is designed for business personnel who want to learn about this robust, impactful industry. The targeted audience includes business owners, professionals, and administrators who may not be “in the oilfield”, but have customers (or prospects!) that are.

Program Director, Kelly Tooker explains this is a two-day course that “provides an understanding of the people and processes involved in finding and producing oil and gas”; he says, “as an example, while you won’t learn how to design a well or run a drilling rig, you will definitely learn the details of how a well is drilled and how a drilling rig operates.”

According to Dale Gannaway, executive director of NHF, the Foundation has endorsed this program; in fact, NHF was involved in the program’s development. “This program is very beneficial for business people in the region – the course gives a tremendous understanding of the ‘issues’ and opportunities related to the industry,” says Gannaway.

THE PROGRAM IS FEBRUARY 10 & 11; $495 – those interested should REGISTER NOW; contact Kelly Tooker: (575) 492-4703, or

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