You Can Partner with a ‘Technology-for-Hire’!

Technology-for-hire is one way to look at it, at least. You may be familiar with the New Horizons Foundation (NHF) mission: NHF serves as a technology intermediary to assist companies with technology development and deployment. A great amount of the work is with federal labs technologies. And … NHF has another, vetted technology available to entrepreneurs and companies!

Startup potential, or an existing company

As has been noted previously, NHF is working with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) located in Adelphi, Maryland, to assess a variety of ARL technologies for potential commercial use—with a focus on helping Lea County companies, and potentially launching NEW companies.

NHF is focused in finding technology solutions in four key industry areas: Advanced Materials, Environmental Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas.

There is a technology that has undergone industry-related vetting underwritten by NHF that is now ready for a market partner. It is a sound-suppression technology (“muffler”). In a Lea County industry-led review over a few months’ time, this technology has been identified as one with potential for utilization in the oil and gas industry.

On behalf of industry, NHF has entered into a Master Agreement with ARL (federal lab) for ownership of this technology for industry development and deployment. NHF is one of only five groups with this arrangement and partnership with federal labs. The arrangement brings high-level technologies to companies for their use in commercial markets.

NHF is searching for a company with which to execute a licensing agreement for this technology: the “muffler,” aka sound-suppression device

NHF serves as an intermediary between industry and the federal labs. NHF is working to grow technology and companies to meet increasing demands and needs by:

  • Helping companies source inventions for commercial viability
  • Expediting research and development
  • Providing access to scientific expertise and facilities at a very reasonable rate
  • Helping companies apply DoD and federal lab technologies
  • Helping entrepreneurs and companies prepare licensing agreements and business plans
  • Facilitating the licensing process
  • Facilitating the technology development process
  • Providing business development introductions and networking activities
  • Providing capital introductions and networking activities
  • Providing general business and legal advisement

Individuals or companies interested in learning more about NHF and accessing technologies to support their company and key projects should contact Dale Gannaway, Executive Director, New Horizons Foundation, at or complete and send us THIS FORM.

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